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School’s Out! Schedule

Daily Schedule


3:15-3:40                  Snack & Movement

3:40-4:10                  Homework Clubs

4:10-5:10                   Enrichment Clubs

5:15                             Dismissal



3:15-3:40                  Snack & Movement

3:40-5:10                 Enrichment Clubs 

5:15                             Dismissal 

**No Homework Club**                    


Snack and Homework Club

Snack & Movement

Once the normal school day has ended, the School’s Out! Program begins with snack. Students gather together and a healthy snack is provided for all students at OCS. Snack is from 3:15-3:40pm daily. Staff then offer activities for the students to explore after their snack is complete and allow students to socialize.


Students are then directed by staff into their grade levels for homework club from 3:40–4:10pm daily (excluding Fridays).  Students are given the opportunity to complete their nightly homework with the assistance of a program staff member, and support from a certified teacher from their grade level.